Learn FILMMAKING in Seattle

Crash Course in Filmmaking

  • Want to learn the basics of filmmaking, but not ready to spend $30,000 for film school? This introductory class will teach you the basics at a tuition you can afford.  You’ll learn about camcorders, lighting, audio, and camera angles, the visual “language” of filmmaking.  Read more… »

Let’s Make a Movie

  • In this class we’ll create and film a short independent movie from scratch. Students are free to act in the movie, help write or choose a script, and help out on crew. It’s both a film class and an acting class, a great introduction to actually getting out and making a movie — and a good way for actors to get something for their reel.  Read more… »


Screenwriting 101

  • In this class,  you’ll learn how screenplays are written, and have opportunities to write some short scenes and “mini-scripts,” hear them read aloud, and get feedback on your  writings.  You’ll learn about the “hero’s journey” template and how screenwriters use it to solve story problems and make the writing process go more smoothly.  Read more… »

Wonder Productions LLC sponsors a number of FILMMAKING CLASSES in SEATTLE, providing training to local actors and filmmakers. Most of our classes are held on the University of Washington campus, and are co-sponsored by the UW’s Experimental College and Rekindle.  They are open to everyone (you don’t have to be a UW student to sign up). For more information, click the course title below, or visit