Would you die for love?
Would you face your deepest terrors?
Would you face a world gone insane?

Death Planet is a feature-length SF/adventure movie with a long history!  I came up with the idea in 2003, after working with actor Scott Robinson on my first feature film Xeros.  Scott had choreographed one of the fight scenes in Xeros.  I liked how the fights in Xeros turned out, liked the motion and energy of portraying physical conflict on the screen, got the action movie “bug,” and liked Scott’s acting (he had auditioned at one point for the lead role in Xeros), and asked him if he’d like to play the lead in an action movie. (He stayed on board to assist with some aspects of the editing,  and to become a co-producer.)  Denise Ryan, a Meisner-trained actor with whom I’d worked on a number of short films, came on board to play the role of Sheila, and cinematographer Sam Longoria signed on to do be our Director of Photography.  Numerous other people have contributed to the completion of the movie in large and small ways since that time. It’s been a wild ride.

Many years, detours, and projects later, the filming is finished… the editing’s finished…..but we’re still working on the music and special effects. Check out the menu at the top of this page for news, stills and clips from the movie, production drawings, actor bios, and more.


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