Call for EXTRAS for the 2013 – 48 hour film project

Extras needed for this Saturday, July 13, for the 48 hour film project!  All ages, both sexes

We need a whole bunch of extras, all ages, for this weekend for the 48 hour project.  The extras will be needed on Saturday for about an hour (most likely in the morning.)

This is NOT a paid position, it’s just for fun (48 hour project rules don’t allow teams to pay their participants). People with and without previous acting experience are welcome. The more the merrier.  You will of course get a credit in the film.  Sign up and bring your friends!

We don’t have any information yet about the movie will be about, so please don’t ask.  (We won’t even know our genre until Friday night at 7 p.m., then have 48 hours to make a movie) The movie could literally be about anything… a comedy, a drama, an SF adventure, an action movie, a romance.  But whatever it ends up being we’ll find a way to use the extras in it.

Our team’s movie will play at the SIFF Uptown theater in Seattle, on Thursday July 18th at 7 p.m.

To sign up to be an extra, just drop an email. You do NOT need to audition, you just need to sign up and show up.  We’ll add you to the list and email you back to confirm you. Then when we know the location and time that you’re needed, we’ll email you again to lock it in.

To sign up email: