Characters we are casting:

MANDY – Could be in her late twenties, thirties or early forties. Mandy is confident and a bit arrogant, nicely styled and businesslike, has great confidence but no real warmth. A published author. Has secrets. Her scenes will take two days to film.  DOWNLOAD SIDES

MICHAEL – Mandy’s husband, looks fifty years old. Loves her but is a little frightened of her, with some reason. DOWNLOAD SIDES

ALAN (newscaster) – early twenties, stylish, brash, confident, sexy and a little arrogant. Any race. DOWNLOAD SIDES

BECKY (newscaster) – mid- thirties. Trying her best but feels dowdy and old compared to Alan. Any race. DOWNLOAD SIDES

CASSIE and EVVIE – Two well-dressed, nicely styled women on a home shopping network style TV show, selling robot cats. Any race. DOWNLOAD SIDES

Old Man in a nursing home – sighing about the changing world. Any race. DOWNLOAD SIDES

JAY- A late night TV show host. Late forties or fifties. Any race. DOWNLOAD SIDES

SULTRY WOMAN – a classically beautiful woman in a perfume commercial. No nudity but sensuality and a suggestion of sexuality in the commercial. Any race. DOWNLOAD SIDES

JACK and RYAN – Frat boys of the future, on their own cable show. In the scene they may be shirtless. Spirtually they are frat boys but they might be almost any age. In the scene they are drinking beers (on the show) and discussing the merits of robot women. Any race.  DOWNLOAD SIDESDOWNLOAD SIDES

CAT – We will also need a cat to play the robot cat. Just has to sit there and get petted. Should not be camera/camcorder shy, and should be comfortable around people and commotion.  We’re looking for a very sedate cat. Scene can likely be filmed in the cat owner’s home.  DOWNLOAD SIDES for the scene the cat is in